Schoolhouse 226’s academic focus is to progress your child to become "SET FOR SCHOOL"; that is why we consistently stay in tune with local ISD and incorporate the same core curriculum that is taught at the K-6th grade level. Research shows that children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning; therefore, our curriculum incorporates hands-on activities and multisensory teaching strategies that build a solid foundation for learning. Our academic focus allows us to institute lessons centered on Science, Math, Reading, Music and more.



Character development is often overlooked, yet it remains a principal piece of a child’s development in today’s society.  At Schoolhouse 226, we focus on being everything God wants us to be. Therefore, we believe in focusing on character and leadership development through Biblical Tradition. King David, Paul, Moses, Joseph, Mary, Noah and Jesus are but a few life stories through which we extract moral, leadership and character lessons that guide our themed curriculum, chapel, and activities.


The Educational philosophy at Schoolhouse 226 incorporates a comprehensive approach, advancing the whole child: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Each aspect, as important as the other, is considered for each phase of your child’s day at Schoolhouse 226.


The mind will only last as long as the body allows; because Schoolhouse pursues a rigorous academic experience, we want all our students to be well nourished and healthy. That is why our menu consists of a balanced meal plan while eliminating fried food and ensuring a variety of fruits and vegetables.  (Parents are often surprised at the variety of food their children are willing to eat at school.)  In addition, throughout the course of the day, each age-appropriate classroom has designated, weather permitting, outside activities consisting of teacher initiated, as well as child led, play.